13/ AW-part2

2016.09.05 Day13

1.From the group discussion, I learned how to manage the references more efficient through the “APA” in Word. It is really helpful because I faced a huge problem about managing citation when I was doing the thesis in Taiwan.

2.During the lunch time, I lead 冠霖兄 to the central area of Utrecht to buy a Dutch sim card. Also, I printed the e-ticket of bus for my coming vacation, Koln and Dusseldorf. I am really looking forward to it! However, it is really tricky that I am required to print the “e-ticket”…

3.Today is the second class of academic wring, the pre-course of TIAS. I found out that I can catch up what teacher said more easily than the first day.

4.Trying to cook my first curry in my life time. Facing the difficulty to buy the curry I know in Taiwan, I bought one wrapping in bag casually. However, it is certainly the one I familiar with. There is some problem between the ratio of curry sauce and the water, so the “sauce” is more like a soup. I am not satisfied with it, but my roommate seems like it pretty much. No wonder there is an old saying goes,”When the old man lost his horse, who knew it wasn’t a blessing? “


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